Divine Mercy School

Divine Mercy Catholic School Philosophy

“Forming Saints and Scholars”

* The mission of Divine Mercy Catholic School is to provide its students with a comprehensive and quality education that will support them in their Catholic faith, help them grow in their relationship with God and give them the skills they need to be successful in their vocations and careers.

* Divine Mercy Catholic School seeks to reinforce our Catholic faith as it is being lived out in the home. At the same time, it is expected that what is being lived out in the home will be in harmony with and reinforce what is being taught in school.

* Divine Mercy Catholic School’s curricula emphasize basic subjects, good study habits, homework, memorization and critical thinking.

* To that end, Divine Mercy Catholic School uses teaching methods that are time tested as well as the best modern methods and technology.

* Parents are required to support the school with their time and talents.

* To enroll their child, parents must agree to the School Covenant which covers behavior and expectations for them and their families both at school and at home. Things addressed in the Covenant include Sunday Mass attendance, regular use of the Sacrament of Penance, family prayers, Humanae Vitae, modesty in dress, and proper use of the Internet, TV, and social media.

* It is understood that Divine Mercy Catholic School is a work in progress and that as time goes by, more components will be put in place so that the school might be ever more effective in achieving its mission.

Our Students:

Field Trip to Old Crown Wing and Fr. Francis Pierz Mission:

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